Break up with your scale...

... it is hard to remember exactly when I heard this, but it sank in. It became clear to me how much power some of us give that tiny little box which weighs us. It has the power to make our day, or to ruin it. It can go both ways. All of a sudden I saw the insanity of this!?! Wait, HOW much energy and power are we giving to this tiny little inanimate object that gives us an arbitrary number that can vary due to sooooo many factors. Weight gain yes, water retention, times of the month, starvation, binging, delayed impact and so on. I remember the feeling when I would get a bump of happiness at seeing a certain number, but if I was honest I knew the actions I had taken to get there were not healthy for my body, for my mind, or my spirit.

Why do I need a scale? My clothes are giving me information all of the time. Pants are tight, or maybe they fit better than they have in a long time. I once had the daily pleasure of working with kal_lake_wakesurf_girl and she made the comment that she had her "feedback pants on". I asked her what she meant by this. She said "oh yeah, you don't need a scale at all, you just need a pair of honest feedback pants that will let you know when you go up or down". My mind was blown. She would even take the trouble to sew her pants smaller when required and then let out the stitches if required because those steps kept her more in tune with where her body was at. The feedback pants don't lie! Now they must be "honest" feedback pants. Not the stretchy ones! That worked for her - brilliant!

It is all information. Am I listening to it? People talk about all kinds of experiences: their joints ache when they eat certain foods, skin gets itchy with eczema after particular ingredients, migraines, all of it. These are symptoms - our body is sending us messages - are we honouring them? No one is perfect, certainly not me. Nothing wrong with indulging. But when we do, move on and then get back to what we know is best for us.

Intuitive eating is something I was introduced to in the last year or so through SoulStrong. It made total sense to me. It is not about a NUMBER. It is about how we are treating ourselves, listening for what our body needs, paying attention to how we feel after eating particular foods. This should all come from within! And these answers are different for ALL of us. Not in a book, not in the rules of a diet, not

in a particular 'one size fits all' way of eating. It is within each of us, and our body knows. Knowledge is great, but at the end of the day, we need to connect with our own answers. I know when I am feeling unfulfilled in life, I eat more junk food and drink more alcohol. I am trying to fill a hole that would really appreciate being filled by things that don't constipate my joy.

All of that energy that I give to the roller coaster of weight management could be put into self-care, going for a walk or a workout, doing something that makes me feel a sense of purpose, making a nourishing meal that is delicious and makes me feel good! I encourage you to go inwards and ask your soul what your body truly needs. And then give it that, with love! Need some help figuring out how to connect with your intuition? Drop me a message and let's talk about options. It will be transformational. I promise.

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