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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Spring is here. Create! Today I want to channel something beautiful. To use this space for... creativity. Beautiful peace. Amidst the storm, there is beautiful peace. Return to it. Hands on the wheel! Don't control, just attend... to your centre. Beautiful things are still trying to come through. Are you awake to them? Are you giving them a pen to travel through? Are you listening? Is your paintbrush ready? Is it moving? Warm it up. Are your fingers on the strings? The music is there.

Are you paying attention? Have you given thanks? Have you created space? Have you cared for yourself today? Have you sheltered yourself from the chaos that is out there, but many of us cannot see? And when those who are surrounded by the chaos and return home - will they be filled with comfort to see what we have been doing? How we have been caring? How we have been heeding the advice and nesting down. This will comfort them to know that their work is not wasted on us. Their strength, perseverance and separation from their family is not lost on us. We get it. We finally get it.

This is a time of healing. A reset. We have gotten too far off course. Now we are being course corrected. There is something spiritual here. Do not miss it. We will be held in this until we truly begin to understand. What really matters? What can we live without? And what can we no? What was valued yesterday is not necessarily important to us today. And what seemingly had no value yesterday, is starting to be seen as precious beyond measure. Our ties, our connections, our ability to lift up instead of tear down. To share. To check in. To take precautions in order to protect someone you will never meet. Who am I when no one else is watching?

But someone else is watching. Our kids are watching. What are we showing them? This is not about being perfect, it is about showing up as the human we are meant to be. They are watching us. And they have to sleep peacefully knowing that we've got this. We have not always shown them that.

Can we stop this change? This upheaval of everything we know? No. But we can slowly learn to adapt, embrace, breathe, connect, rest and then repeat. Over and over as we slowly convince ourselves that we've got this... and in turn our children will trust and remember watching their parents flex, expand, trust, share, be vulnerable, rest and create. And repeat.

Where will we end up? We don't know. The control is gone. Did we ever control things? We are forced to develop our faith... in something... in ourselves. We will emerge different and changed. A true life-changing experience. And we are only at the start. Wow. I am thankful I can put my phone away, turn off the news, quiet the noise. Many cannot. For them, we must do exactly what is asked of us. A true collective response. Our small actions matter more now than ever.

written March 21, 2020

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