How everything changed once I took control of my morning routine.

I used to be a multiple snooze-button hitting, get up at the last second, squeeze in a coffee drive-through line-up before work, kind of person. For years. Like, most of my life. Not a morning person. I did the bare minimum in order to arrive at work on time, slightly frazzled and barely awake yet. Ahhhh, the good old days.

And then something changed. Maybe it was because of having children. Maybe it was the only time I could find that was truly for me. I started to set my alarm at 5am in order to enjoy the blissful peace and quiet that is always available and waiting for us to plug into at the start of each day. For a few years, it was the opportunity to snuggle back into bed with a fresh mug of coffee and read a book of my choosing. This was divine. And such a relaxing and peaceful way to ease into the day.

As time went on, I got more intentional with my ‘sacred time’ in the morning. It has now become a routine that I thrive on. And every night when I go to sleep, I am already looking forward to being able to rise before everyone else and sit in the stillness and peace that awaits. Magic! The ritual that I have been savouring for the last few years has been priceless for supporting my mental health, crucial for navigating stressful times (plenty of those these days), and an absolute non-negotiable for starting my day off on the right foot. Are there exceptions? Yes, of course. But I am always eager to return to my sacred routine where I connect with myself, and to something bigger than myself. So, what does this mean??

Here is how it looks for me. I rise at 5am when my alarm goes off, although most mornings my body wakes before the alarm goes off. I always go to bed early so that I have an adequate amount of rest. This is key. You can’t be a night owl AND a morning person. Well, most of us can’t, that is a recipe for disaster. I brew a cup of coffee and head down to my “space” that I have created for myself. I pull out my journal, I wrap a blanket around my shoulders, and I play relaxation music on my phone. Do NOT look at your phone for any purpose other than to start the music. This is crucial. No email, no Facebook, no Instagram. This time is for yourself. Most days I light a candle. I write Soul Pages which is really just free flowing thoughts that are written just for me. “Soul… what is it you want me to know today?” And then I just start writing. And I see what comes. If I get stuck, I write again: “Soul… what is it you want me to know today?” and continue. Repeat until the page is full. If you are on a roll, keep writing.

After writing, I move on to meditation. Sometimes it is 10 minutes, sometimes it is 30 minutes. This practice has helped me slow down and become much less reactive in my life and relationships. It has allowed me to open up to whispers and downloads coming through me. I note them, write them down, type them in Notes on my phone. I access a place of peace and stillness that I previously didn’t know existed. I know it is good for me physically and emotionally to have these periods of absolute stillness in my day. Gamechanger. I end each meditation feeling connected to something bigger than myself, supported, fresh, and ready to face the day. Sometimes I end meditation with my daughter in my lap. She knows now to sit quietly and enjoy the stillness with me. I wish I had learned these skills as a child.

It is at this point that I might do some reading (usually inspirational), answer some emails, or take care of whatever needs my attention on that day. But I move forward feeling aligned and centred, and with a knowledge that I can return to this at any point during my day. It is an awareness and it is a practice. I wake up each day grateful that I have been given another chance to tap into the sacred morning that is given to each of us who are lucky enough to have awoken to another morning. Don’t waste it.

And if there is something I would tell my younger self? Here it is: the snooze button is not your friend. Rip the band-aid off and get UP. Buy the machine and brew yourself the best cup of coffee or tea right in the comfort of your own home. Skip the frustration, line-up and expense of a drive-thru and enjoy that treat at home while you give yourself some extra time to devote to the things you love to do, but never seem to have time for. Oh, and meditate. Whenever you can. It will change everything.

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