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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Welcome to Soul Connections. The Soul Connections name is important because I always want to remember that my writing needs to connect to something bigger than myself. It is tapping into something that can often feel out of reach. I want to be reminded that we have wisdom and guidance available to us at all times, we just have to create the space to allow it to connect with us. Journal, walk, paint, sing. Whatever it is for you, put yourself in a creative space and you will be amazed at what will emerge.

When the seeds of our dreams stay inside us in the darkness of our minds, the seeds are not fed, they are not watered, they do not get sunlight. But when we bring them out, even in a private environment, they begin to receive the nourishment they have been craving, in order to sprout, blossom, develop and come alive. Too many of us have these seeds inside of us, that are not being tended to. Tend to your seeds people. I beg of you. It is so worth it. Start small, just one small step. Then another small step. Repeat. Kick ass. You will find a power and clarity that you didn’t know you possessed.

Soul Connections is about tuning in to that frequency, clarifying for ourselves what our next step is, and then actively taking that step. It could even be a leap. It is an exhilarating feeling, and I want to create a community where we can share and support each other exactly where we are at. Sometimes we need a sympathetic ear, and other times we need a kick in the butt. You will find both here. There is no one way. It will take all ways. We are complicated human beings who need different motivations and encouragement at different times. But that is what makes it so intriguing. We need each other.

I am on such an interesting journey, and I am excited for all of the people who are out there and want to join in on this journey with me. It is a call that involves staying true to who we are at our core. Our essence. There is no one that knows this but us. We must tune into ourselves. And start unlocking the gifts that come from doing that work. It is work, but it feels effortless at times, and that is the best kind of work. Meaningful work. This meaning will allow us to go forward and be our best selves in the world.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Last week I woke up feeling great, but within an hour or so I was feeling scrambled and was having a hard time focussing. My frustration level was rising because I wanted to value and utilize every minute of that day to do the things on my to-do list. I had most likely also had too much coffee. Here is what happened.

I connected with a new friend who generously shared her expertise for a project I was working on. I started to feel better. I decided to jump on the treadmill after that conversation. Running felt great, especially when I had been feeling so scattered. As I was running, new ideas started floating around in my mind and coming to me from I don’t know where. I had to write some “Notes” to myself on my phone during the run so that I wouldn’t miss out on the inspiration that was coming to me at that moment. I was starting to feel exhilarated. I was unstuck. The clarity I needed was mysteriously there. I had new ideas and things were making sense in a way that an hour before they were not. I finished my run feeling empowered. I started to make soup. It is funny the things we do when we feel inspired. I made a delicious soup recipe I had been wanting to make, and happened to have all the ingredients on hand that I needed (a bonus). The house smelled great, the soup tasted amazing, and I was no longer stuck. I had stepped away from my frustration and was more productive than I would have been otherwise. So what am I saying that I want to take forward?

Feeling stuck?

· Connect with someone or something

· Move your body or even better, get outside and move your body

· Make something other than what you were trying to create in the first place – I made soup!

It is no one thing. It is all of these things. I need to remember that. Thank you for finding us here today, please share with us what makes you come alive? What do you turn to when you are feeling frustrated?

written February 5, 2020

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