It is time for me to share what I have been up to lately. So many things. So much has changed. Everything for me really. About a year and a half ago, I was led to the SoulStrong Institute which is the name of the program created by one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. Dr Haile Michaelson has created a school and retreat centre (among so many other things, a retired naturopath, a hypnotherapist) in Kelowna, BC. My life changed at that moment.

I was drawn to the content, a deeper connection to Soul and my inner knowing. This was exactly what I had been working on in my own life. I dove in and started taking courses. The more I learned, the more I knew I was in the right place. I felt aligned with the work, the process, the community. One course led to another and a deeper and deeper dive into meditation, intuitive eating, intuitive exercise, it changed everything. Intuition. We all have it. I needed help reconnecting to mine. A returning to finding our answers within. I met Dr. Haile for some private sessions. Healing sessions. They are hard to even put a label on. She walked me through some dark times, and helped me to re-establish connections that had always been there, but had become murky and hard for me to trust.

Months passed and the work continued. I was meeting the most amazing people. Connecting in ways that felt truly aligned to my core. Every step felt like a confirmation that I was on my right path. Keep going. I was concurrently working on a personal project with my Align app and the Align Tools. These tools are what I use in my daily life to keep myself aligned with my purpose. Not to say I never get off track (I do), but these tools always give me a light post to return to. They remind me of what really matters, and let the rest flush away. The SoulStrong work I was doing was completely meshing with my own personal projects. I went deeper. Enrolled in the 6-month SoulStrong Coaching Program. I wanted to further my own healing AND help others on their own path. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do more than that. Heal and help others heal. That simple.

Fast forward and I have now completed the SoulStrong coaching program. Dr. Haile’s teachings have changed my life. They have changed me. I love and accept myself in a way I never have before. I have been reminded that we are all whole, not broken. I have learned to turn inwards and listen to the cues that our body is always offering us. I now understand that I am the only person that 100% has my own back and I can trust completely. I am paying attention. Less outward facing, and more inward facing.

I am now offering courses to other people who feel the same call that I do. For something more. Something deeper. Something that they already know, but may have forgotten. A returning. Using the SoulStrong principles and meshing them with my own experiences, I am starting a Wise Women’s Align Group online course where we learn how to take small steps to reconnect with our intuition. This is a safe, small group environment on zoom where we show up weekly to share and learn. You will find yourself in a safe cocoon to heal and transform. I will teach the Align Tools I use in my own life, and the meditations and content will be from the teachings of Dr. Haile Michaelson. Bring a friend. Come alone. Either way, we will heal together. If this speaks to you, reach out. Let’s connect. Find more information at: Wise Women’s Align Program

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