What it all comes down to...

It has been a great week. A hard week. I have been working on a few projects and I have put in a lot of hours this week. I am wanting to step it up… so I have had to ‘step it up’. Funny how that is. You know how when you are working towards a goal, sometimes it can feel like you may never get there? Like maybe everything isn’t going to come together after all? Like maybe you should revert back to a “safer plan”? Yeah me neither, I was just checking.

Today I was sitting at the dining room table, re-watching an amazing interview with Lindsay Dahl from Beautycounter Headquarters. She is deep in the science behind ingredient safety, product quality, responsible sourcing and activism, just to name a few. Fascinating to hear what goes on behind the scenes at Beautycounter and how seriously they take their mission. Adriana was sitting at the dining room table with me and she was finger knitting. I explained to her how amazing Lindsay is and how she is using her science knowledge to make sure the products are safe for all of us. And she is trying to change legislation to make sure other companies have to do the same. Adriana thought that was pretty cool. She asked how long Lindsay had been working with the company, I explained that she has been with them for about 8 or 9 years. “She is one of your ancestors” she said. I asked her what she meant. “She came to Beautycounter before you did, and now you get to follow her lead”. Bam. I am currently taking the Soulstrong Coaching Program and we are doing meditation work that sometimes involves tuning into our intuition and connecting with our ancestors. This has been tricky for me. Adriana knew nothing of the ancestral work I am currently doing. Her words hit me and I felt inspired.

I continued watching my video interview as Adriana continued knitting. A few minutes later, she said this:

“Mom I see you, and I see how hard you are working.

You have a passion and you are doing so many things

to work on it. I see all the things that you do, and I want

you to know how proud that makes me”

I was speechless. And then the tears came. This is everything to me. If at the end of the day I have done nothing else but inspire my children to follow their dreams and work hard doing it, then it is all worth it. Seriously, to see the look in her eye as she said those words to me is something I will never forget. It went right into my soul. And it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment to keep going. Keep dreaming. Keep taking the Next. Right. Step. Don't ignore the whispers. Keep listening.

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